Halton Cemetery

Halton Cemetery was created to serve its village namesake and a number of other small settlements that came under the ecclesiastical Parish of Halton which was constituted in 1860. A cemetery of one acre was opened at Halton in 1885. The first burial was Ada Goodwin aged 9 weeks and it took place on 1 September 1886.

Members of the Brooke family of Norton Priory are buried at Halton. They include Richard Brooke the seventh Baronet who was buried at the age of 73 on 8 March 1888. Richard Brooke’s wife Henrieta Elizabeth Mainwaring Brooke was buried at the age of 76 on 24th August 1911 next to her husband. Sir Richard M. Brooke Bart was buried at the age of 69 on 4th October 1920 and his wife Lady Alice Brook was buried at the age of 77 on 26th January 1933 in the same plot.

Commonwealth War Graves

There are 3 Commonwealth War Graves within Halton Cemetery.

Halton Cemetry